ARTAS IX Hair Restoration Procedure

ARTAS IX Hair Restoration in Maryland, DC and VA

Mane Center for Advanced Hair Restoration is proud to be the first and only center in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area to offer the ARTAS iX procedure to our patients and the only provider in the world to offer both HARRTS and ARTAS procedures to our patients, re-affirming our commitment to provide the highest level of care and best outcomes to all of our patients.

Approximately 50 million men and 30 million women in the United States suffer from hereditary baldness problems.  If you are one of them, it’s time to stop worrying. While baldness can negatively impact your confidence and self-esteem, hair restoration can revive it.

ARTAS® hair restoration is a great option for those who deal with both hair thinning and loss. With the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system, you can regain hair easily with minimal downtime.

ARTAS robotic hair restoration uses state-of-the-art technology created and developed by pioneers in the hair transplant domain. This technology uses the ARTAS robot to replace the manual invasive procedures for hair transplants. The best thing about this procedure is that its precision leaves no linear scarring at all. The process has minimal complications and provides excellent natural-looking results.

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About ARTAS FUE Hair Restoration

The ARTAS robot first came into existence in 2008, with the latest version being released in 2018. This procedure makes the hair transplant process easy and simple.

Traditional hair transplant procedures, like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or manual Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), can cause some numbness and tingling sensations in your scalp. However, the ARTAS hair transplant procedure is almost painless compared to traditional hair transplant procedures. Additionally, robotic hair transplants don’t need stitches or sutures to close post-extraction wounds. They use a two-step dissection process for each hair graft, leaving almost no visible scarring at the donor site.

About ARTAS FUE Hair Restoration
About ARTAS FUE Hair Restoration

Is ARTAS iX better than ARTAS 9, 9x or other earlier versions of the ARTAS system?

The ARTAS iX is the newest iteration of the robot which incorporates many technologic advances vastly improving the speed, accuracy and precision over prior versions of the robot. Additionally, the ARTAS iX allows implantation of follicles, a first time technologic break through, allowing precision in the critical angle and depth of implantation resulting in a natural result not replicable with other ARTAS devices.

Is ARTAS better than HARRTS, Smartgraft or NeoGraft?

The ARTAS robotic process involves artificial intelligence in a physician operated independent system for the extraction and implantation of individual hair follicles. HARRTS, NeoGraft and Smartgraft use a handheld device that requires the physician to manually extract each individual hair follicle and subsequently implant each individual follicle by hand. The ARTAS iX allows implantation of follicles, a first time technologic break through, allowing precision in the critical angle and depth of implantation resulting in a natural result not replicable with any other device. The ARTAS procedure is faster than the HARRTS, NeoGraft and Smartgraft process and provides quick healing time. Also, unlike the manual options ARTAS is not subject to human error, making ARTAS a better choice.

How does the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System work?

The ARTAS hair restoration system typically involves the following steps:

  • Your doctor will choose a donor area on your scalp and use the ARTAS harvesting system to gather the hair grafts. With the ARTAS procedure, multiple grafts can be done in a single session.
  • Before the harvesting begins, the donor area is trimmed to about one millimeter. This enables the computer imaging system to identify, track, and harvest each graft accurately. This technology determines the number of grafts needed to ensure a natural look.
  • Once the hair follicles are grafted and harvested, the doctor creates new sites for replacing the hair with the help of the ARTAS system. The ARTAS patented A.I. technology is used to find the recipient sites and to implant the new grafts.
  • The system can create recipient areas behind the hairline and protect the surrounding healthy hair while implanting the new hairs.
  • New hair growth occurs about three months after the transplant. The tiny wounds heal quickly after the procedure, allowing patients to return to work within a few days.

Why choose ARTAS Robotic hair restoration?

  • It ensures high accuracy and precision levels.
  • It enables your doctor to identify and select the best location for harvesting.
  • The procedure guarantees a consistent transplant quality with robust grafting.
  • Robots provide high-definition stereoscopic vision that analyzes and monitors each hair graft several times per second.
  • ARTAS uses intelligent algorithms that recognize various characteristics of hair quality, including thickness, angles, and hair type, ensuring natural-looking results.
  • The robotic procedure eliminates potential human error and ensures that all grafts have a uniform quality.
  • It’s a minimally invasive procedure with minimal healing time, allowing you to quickly get back to your daily routine.

Will ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration suit you?

Patients can be wary of getting a hair transplant because they are unsure of how they’ll look afterwards. However, with the advanced ARTAS Hair Studio Technology, you have the opportunity to view a replicated 3D model of yourself with your customized hair transplant.

ARTAS robotic hair restoration helps you to choose the optimal hair graft and design that meets your expectations and needs.

What’s next?

Whether you are a DC, Maryland, or Virginia resident, contact our team at the Mane Center for Advanced Hair Restoration, request your complimentary consultation with Dr. Burka and learn how you can recapture your permanent natural-looking hair.

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