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HARRTS Hair Transplant

What is Robotic FUE Hair

What is Robotic FUE Hair Restoration?

Robotic FUE Hair Restoration is a robot-assisted technique that harvests individual hair follicles one at a time instead of harvesting a full strip of the scalp.

This newer method of harvesting is extremely popular because of the minimal discomfort during the procedure and the much faster recovery time. While the FUE process can be done manually, a great alternative is to use the HARRTS Robotic System which is among the latest advancements in hair restoration technology.

What is HARRTS?

HARRTS , or Human Assisted Rapid Robotic Hair Transplant System, is the world’s fastest, safest, least invasive, most automated and most surgeon-friendly hair transplant system available globally.

HARRTS combines the scoring of the grafts and the extraction into 1 single step, thus reducing the time of graft harvesting to less than half. With four hand-tools and 2 operating surgeons, the HARRTS machine effectively reduces the time of extraction by around 4 times.

The Implantation technique uses novel patented suction-assisted piston type implanters, along with tweezer free manipulation, which provides the practitioner with speed and precision in depth control. As such, HARRTS, in the hands of an experienced surgeon, is a truly best hair transplant option for people in need of a hair transplant.

More Advantages of HARRTS

Unlike humans, robots do not get fatigued, and are therefore less likely to make mistakes.

The HARRTS robot’s use of AI and intelligent algorithms produces accurate and consistent results throughout the procedure.

There are no linear scars or stitching with the HARRTS hair restoration procedure. The procedure allows the patient to return to normal activity within a few days.

Am I a candidate for Robotic FUE Hair Restoration?

If you’re a candidate for an FUE procedure, chances are that you’re also a candidate for Robotic FUE as well.

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The robotic hair transplant procedure is faster than manual FUE, is minimally invasive, and reduces the donor site harvesting time. The HARRTS can help surgeons perform difficult and repetitive processes while reducing the probability of human error. Additionally, there is no linear stitching or scars with robotic FUE hair transplant. Therefore, the HARRTS AI algorithm can give precise, long-lasting results throughout the procedure.

However, the technology lacks the precise ability to gauge tissue pressure, and all patients and all types of donor sites are not eligible for the procedure. Additionally, robotic hair transplant cost is higher than the conventional manual FUE transplant. However, the results of a robotic FUE hair transplant can be similar to the outcome of a manual FUE when performed by a skilled surgeon

The HARRTS Robotic System increases the accuracy, efficiency, and speed of the FUE procedure by several degrees. It is best for people with maximum chances of full recovery to get better, more consistent and long-lasting results.

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