Micro Point Non–Surgical Hair Restoration in Chevy Chase, MD

Micro Point Hair Treatment

Micro Point hair restoration is one of the most practical and discreet, non-surgical hair loss solutions for people who are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. Similar to other hair weaving procedures, the Micro Point procedure involves attaching artificial hair to the pre-existing hair follicles.

The hair is positioned to cover up the patient’s bald patches. The attached hair blends with your natural hair, resulting in a fuller-looking scalp. The hair strands are secured to the already existing hair follicles with a knot.

How Does Micro Point Procedure Work?

The non-surgical Micro Point hair restoration procedure is quite popular among women. It uses a micro-mini extension to replace hair in the areas with thinner or no hair. This is a comfortable and easy procedure with minimal chances of any damage. It does not use any adhesive, glue, or solvents during the application, making it a safer and healthier alternative to hair extensions.
The hair extensions used in this procedure are known as Cyberhair. It is the most lightweight synthetic hair that looks and feels like human hair when wet or dry.

What is SMP?
What is SMP?

Advantages of Micro Point Solutions

  • The hair extensions used are stronger than natural hair
  • Cyberhair gives the appearance of natural, human hair and cannot be distinguished from your original hair
  • Cyberhair extensions have moisture content and style memory and can be brushed and styled similar to human hair
  • The procedure allows adding a maximum of 6000 hairs per hour
  • Micro Point solution uses zero chemicals or adhesives
  • It can increase hair volume up to 400%

The Ideal Micro Point Procedure Patient

If you wish to opt for a non-surgical hair restoration procedure that does not use any adhesive, the Micro Point procedure is a great option. However, this process does need a precise maintenance schedule. The process will need to be repeated approximately every four to six weeks. That is because the synthetic hair follicles fall off when the patient’s existing hair follicles fall out. This is a natural process that occurs every four to six weeks, depending on the lifecycle of a follicle. This happens everywhere in the scalp and not just in the bald patches or the areas with thinning hair.
Similar to several other weaving procedures, Micro Point is considered a temporary hair restoration and hair thinning therapy. This non-surgical procedure delivers immediate results and is the ideal solution for you if you need instantaneous results.
However, if you are searching for a more permanent solution to hair loss and hair thinning, you can contact your hair restoration doctor to find the treatment that is best for you.
Are you looking for a healthy, non-surgical, and damage-free hair restoration solution? If yes, then Micro Point hair restoration is an excellent choice for you.


This will depend on how thin your hair is and how much artificial hair needs to be attached (according to your consultant) to give you the desired look and volume.

This is a strand by strand hair restoration solution wherein about 2 to 4 strands of artificial hair are tied with a single knot to the base of the patient’s own growing hair. The procedure can be completed in a single session. You can have up to 600 strands added to give your scalp a fuller look in just one hour!

No. The strands used in the Micro Point Links (Cyberhair) are four times lighter than your natural hair. Additionally, they are tied to your growing hair with a single knot. Therefore, they do not damage your natural hair.

Extensions give the appearance of length to your natural hair and are attached to entire groups of hair with adhesives. On the other hand, in Micro Point Links, about 2 to 4 strands are attached to the patient’s natural hair and are almost undetectable. Unlike hair extensions, no adhesives or chemicals are used in this procedure.

The healthiest hair volumizer in the industry, Micro Point Accents are the perfect alternatives to hair extensions. It adds about 100 hairs (Cyberhair) to 10-15 natural hair to give immediate volume to the back and sides of your scalp. No adhesives or solvents are involved, and the removal is easy and non-damaging.

Yes, with the new strands of hair and a fuller-looking scalp, you can easily change your hairstyle and wear it the way you want!

The Micro Point procedure is designed to complement your active lifestyle. You no longer need to shy away from water, dreading thin, wet hair. Micro point solutions let you enjoy life with more freedom as you wear your natural-looking hair at all times.

No, your attached hair will neither lose color nor break off if you come in contact with chlorinated water, even on a daily basis (say while swimming).

Yes, you can still get your regular haircuts even after the Micro Point procedure.

This will depend on the amount of hair loss and the kind of look you want to achieve. For people with a small amount of hair thinning, the Micro Point hair restoration procedure may cost as little as $100.
Consult our hair restoration experts to learn more about the available packages and the pricing options.

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