Special Offers from MANE Center For Advanced Hair Restoration

Laser Hair Removal

We are offering a special discounted fee of $50 with your first laser hair removal session (offer limited to one body part). Also, ask us about our unlimited lifetime offers too.

Beard Transplant

We are offering 15% off all beard transplants or 25% off beard transplants when done along with a hair transplant!

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    Beard transplants are one of the fasting growing procedures in 2020. And for good reason! (According to BodyLogicMD) 23.6% of the men surveyed said they couldn’t grow a beard and 79.6% of men who CAN grow a beard said they consider themselves attractive.

    One in five men surveyed said that not being able to grow facial hair made them feel less masculine. 67% of the respondents who don’t have issues growing facial hair reported being satisfied with their sex life. On top of that, beard statistics and surveys indicate that the majority of men with beards (and the ability to grow them) feel more confident at work and around potential romantic partners (75.9% and 77.9%, respectively).