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What is Long Hair FUE

What is Long Hair FUE?

With normal FUE hair restoration, the patient must shave the donor area down to 2-3mm in length. Recent technological advances have made it possible to perform FUE hair restoration without the need for shaving the donor area, thus earning the name Long Hair FUE.

Who is Long Hair FUE for?

Long Hair FUE is considered a “VIP Treatment” for several reasons. First, someone with celebrity status may need to maintain a certain hair style, so shaving the donor area is out of the question.

Secondly, long hair FUE is generally more expensive than regular FUE. The reason for this is that it increases the work load and surgery time. Shaving the donor area gives the surgeon easier access, which is why regular FUE is less costly. Leaving the hair unshaved makes the work much more tedious.

Am I a candidate for Long Hair FUE?

If you do not want to cut your hair short in order to undergo hair restoration, Long Hair FUE may be for you.

However, if you can live with your hair being short for a couple weeks while it grows back, regular FUE is going to be the best route for you, especially when you consider the lower cost compared to Long Hair FUE.

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