All You Need to Know about Hairline Lowering or Forehead Reduction

Hairline lowering (also known as forehead reduction) is a hair transplant surgery that aims to reduce the size of your forehead. This procedure is suitable for women who have a very high hairline or a large forehead. It helps reduce the space between the hairline and the eyebrows, thus eliminating any signs of baldness.

How is forehead reduction surgery performed?

During a hairline lowering surgery, the surgeon makes a small incision at the front hairline. The scalp is then brought forward and sutured into its new position (typically ¾ of an inch lower than the original hairline). The entire procedure takes no longer than two hours. In most cases, the resultant scars, if any, are barely perceptible.

What are the benefits of hairline lowering?

  • Reduces forehead size by ¾ of an inch or more
  • Improves facial proportions
  • Involves a short recovery time and produces rapid results
  • Improves self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Scars can be easily concealed

Who can be an ideal candidate for hairline lowering?

Most women with good skin elasticity and high hairline can be potential candidates for this procedure. However, patients must be healthy to avoid complications.

Is forehead reduction without surgery possible?

There are no non-surgical options for achieving a lowered hairline or forehead reduction. Possible solutions are limited to hair transplants, hairline lowering surgery, or a combination of both.

What happens during the hairline lowering procedure?

A forehead reduction surgery is one of the best ways to achieve a lower hairline in just two hours. The patient is first sedated, and the scalp is brought forward through an incision at the front hairline. The excess forehead skin is removed, and the hairline is positioned lower on the forehead (usually ¾ of an inch). The incision can be easily hidden with a natural-looking hairline.

What is recovery after hairline lowering like?

The time taken for recovery varies for different patients (though it usually takes about two to three weeks). Mild swelling and numbness are common after surgery. Follow your surgeon’s instructions to ensure complete healing. Most patients are able to return to work and wash their hair within a few days. Stitches are usually removed after a week. However, make sure to avoid any strenuous activities until your surgeon allows it.

Will my scars be visible post forehead reduction?

The scars from the incision made during the forehead reduction procedure can be easily concealed within the hairline for a natural look. Even though the scars may be visible after surgery and in the early stages of healing, once the incision heals, the scars will be difficult to detect.

How much does hairline lowering cost?

The surgery can cost around $8500 to $9500 on average, depending on the patient’s unique needs. Several other factors such as anesthesia, facility fees, and surgeon’s fees are also considered while determining the exact price.

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