Everything You Need to Know about Micro Point Hair Restoration

Are you looking for a non-invasive solution in Chevy Chase, Maryland for treating hair loss or hair thinning? Consider a micro point hair restoration procedure.

Micro point hair restoration is a temporary hair procedure that involves attaching artificial hair strands (Cyberhair) to the existing hair follicles with a knot, covering up the bald patches. These Cyberhair extensions are lightweight and do not require glue, solvents, or adhesive during the application, making them a safe and healthier alternative to hair extensions.

Cyberhair strands can be brushed and styled like human hair, ensuring natural-looking results. However, to maintain them, the procedure needs to be repeated every 4-6 weeks, as the artificial hair strands will fall off when the existing hair follicles fall.

Here are other frequently asked questions about Micropoint at Mane Center for Advanced Hair Restoration.

    1. Is Micro Point Solutions a Transplant Surgery?

      No. This is a non-surgical procedure that uses a micro-mini extension to restore hair in the thinning or bald spots, ensuring a voluminous scalp.

    2. Will the Procedure Be Painful?

      No, the procedure does not hurt. However, your scalp may feel a little tight for two days after the procedure.

    3. How Long Will the Procedure Take?

      The time taken may vary for each patient depending on the:

      • The thinness of their hair
      • Number of cyber extensions required to achieve the desired volume and look
    4. Can I Wear a Hair System and Use Micro Point Solutions at the Same Time?

      Yes, you can use micro point solutions to increase your hair volume on the back and sides so as to be able to wear a hair system properly.

    5. How Do I Know If I Qualify for This Procedure?

      You need to visit a qualified hair restoration expert who will assess your hair and scalp to determine whether you are a good candidate for micro point solutions and whether they can help improve your hair density.


    6. How Much Does It Cost?

      The cost varies depending on the degree of hair loss and the kind of results you want to achieve. The procedure may cost anywhere between $200 to $500 depending on the extent of hair loss.

    7. Can I Massage My Scalp When I Have a Micro Point Link?

      Yes, you can massage your scalp while having micro point links. However, consult your hair restoration expert to determine the massage type that will suit you best.

    If you are looking for micro point solutions near you, contact our experts at the Mane Center for Advanced Hair Restoration in Chevy Chase. Our experienced, board-certified surgeon, Dr. Burka, will guide you through the procedure and help you achieve your desired hair restoration results.

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