How to Plan Ahead For Your Hair Restoration

Before going in for a hair restoration surgery, you must meet with your physician to discuss your hair loss and the most suitable hair restoration options for you. Discussing the treatment options with a specialist will help you make an informed decision and give you a realistic understanding of what to expect from the treatment. After all, getting a hair restoration procedure is a big decision and needs adequate research and thought behind it.

Once you have made an informed decision to go ahead with the hair transplantation procedure, the next step is to ensure you have a treatment plan ready. Similar to any other surgery, it is essential to plan ahead of your hair transplant so that the entire procedure goes smoothly. This will make you feel more comfortable, knowing exactly what will happen. Here are a few general guidelines you can follow to understand your treatment better and set realistic expectations.

Initial Consultation

Before your hair restoration procedure, set an appointment with your physician for an initial consultation. Discuss all the important details of the hair transplant, such as the duration of the procedure, the number of sittings required, expected donor area, where the extracted hair follicles will be transplanted, and so on. However, it would be best to remain flexible and receptive to any changes occurring during the procedure. At our hair restoration clinic in Maryland, we provide personal hair transplant consultation with expert surgeons.

One month before your surgery

A month before your surgery, your overall health should be your main focus. It is recommended you eat a healthy, nutritious diet and stay fit in general. If you are a smoker, you must avoid smoking before your hair transplant surgery, as smoking prevents optimal blood flow and lengthens the healing process. Also, avoid getting a haircut before your surgery to ensure that the donor area has sufficient hair to extract the follicular grafts.

One to two weeks before surgery

With your surgery date approaching, your physician will recommend that you stop drinking. Alcohol adversely impacts the immune system and can hinder the healing process. You will be advised to stop using certain medications, especially blood-thinning medicines, to avoid excessive bleeding during the surgery. Also, refrain from dying or perming your hair at least a week before your surgery is due.

Surgery day

On the morning of your surgery, wash your hair with a gentle, anti-bacterial shampoo. After drying your hair, avoid using hair spray, hair gel, or other hair styling products. Also, avoid drinking any caffeinated drinks such as coffee. Wear something comfortable and loose, and carry a hoodie to wear after the procedure. Ask a friend or a family member to take you back home after the surgery, as you might be mildly sedated.
Trust your medical team’s judgment and know their goal is to meet your expectations while making your new restoration look as natural as possible. Your search for the most affordable and competitive hair loss treatment in Maryland ends at the Mane Center for Advanced Hair Restoration. Our expert team will guide you through all the suitable options available.

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