The Relation between Alcohol and Hair Loss: How Are They Connected?

Aug 24, 2022

Hair Health

The Relation between Alcohol and Hair Loss: How Are They Connected?

Hair loss and hair thinning affect thousands of men and women throughout the country. Unfortunately for many, it can result in problems such as lack of confidence and low self-esteem. This is an extremely common issue. As per American Hair Loss Association, by 50 years of age, 85% of US men experience hair thinning, 40% of American women suffer from hair loss, and almost 2/3rd of American men face some hair loss by the age of 35. 

Shedding approximately 50-100 strands of hair per day is normal. New hairs will grow, and the old ones will fall out. But when the volume of hair shedding increases, it can escalate into a serious concern. Several factors can cause excessive hair loss, and identifying the same is crucial to ensure effective, timely treatment. 

Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss?

While you may wonder, does drinking cause hair loss? - the answer isn’t very clear, as consumption of alcohol and hair loss aren’t directly correlated.

Drinking alcohol can cause various kinds of health issues, however, which in turn impacts your hair growth and can lead to baldness, excessive shedding, and hair thinning. Excessive drinking can also cause nutrient deficiencies, one of the leading causes of hair fall in men and women. While moderate drinking does not impact hair health much, heavy drinkers often experience baldness or hair thinning. 

How Drinking Can Cost Your Hair- The Connection between Hair Loss and Alcohol

As mentioned earlier, alcohol doesn’t directly trigger hair loss. Nonetheless, excessive, long-term drinking can induce other bodily changes, which in turn will affect your hair health. We have broken down these factors into three subsections for ease of understanding. 

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Nutrient Deficiency Triggered by Alcohol Consumption and the Resulting Hair Loss

Your body depends on several different nutrients to stay healthy. But alcohol consumption hinders the process of nutrient breakdown and absorption, leading to various health issues, including hair loss. The following are some of the nutrients that your body may fail to absorb due to excessive drinking:

1. Zinc and Copper

The absorption of zinc and copper is hindered greatly by alcohol consumption. Zinc and copper deficiencies are leading causes of hair loss. 

2. Protein

Excessive drinking interferes with protein absorption in the body, resulting in various kinds of nail, hair, and skin problems. 

Long-term drinking can further deplete vitamins A, C, D, E, and K- all of which are essential for good hair health.

Binge Drinking and Hair Loss

Excessive consumption of alcohol can result in extreme dehydration, which will dry out the hair follicles, making your hair more susceptible to breaking and falling off. The more alcohol you consume, the higher the levels of acid will be in your body, which again will decrease your nutrients and degrade the quality and quantity of hair you have.

Other Alcohol-Related Factors That Contribute to Hair Loss 

Consuming alcohol on a regular basis impacts the thyroid and the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis in a negative manner. This is because excessive drinking disrupts hormones that enable different bodily functions, including hair shedding, hair growth, etc. There is also a close link between alcohol withdrawal and thyroid disorders. 

Many people tend to smoke and drink together. Cigarettes abound in nicotine and other harmful components that can affect hair and skin drastically. Smoke damages hair follicles and also impairs the hair growth cycle.  

Is It Possible to Reverse Hair Loss Caused Due to Alcoholism? 

If I stop drinking, will my hair grow back?” is a common question asked by many. Fortunately, the answer is yes. But you have to quit alcohol consumption completely and increase your intake of nutritious foods so that your body gets the required nutrients in adequate amounts. Once your body regains the depleted nutrients, it will regrow strong and healthy hair. 

We Have Your Hair Covered at Mane!

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2. ARTAS IX Hair Restoration

This is one of the most popular hairs transplant methods and is ideal for those experiencing complete hair loss or extensive hair thinning. 

3. FUT Hair Restoration

Popularly known as strip surgery, this hair restoration treatment minimizes scalp trauma and provides natural-looking results.

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4. HARRTS Hair Transplant

This robot-assisted hair transplant technique works on individual hair follicles. There is minimal discomfort or pain during the process with quick recovery time. 

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