How Long Does ARTAS® IX Surgery Results Last?

ARTAS® iX robotic hair restoration device is an advanced, minimal disturbing hair transplant system that uses artificial intelligence technology to provide accurate, natural-looking results without leaving any scars. According to several different studies, hair transplantation is an increasingly popular treatment for hair loss. Since 2006, the number of hair transplant procedures worldwide has increased by 76%. This article discusses how ARTAS iX FUE can successfully help you regain your natural-looking hair.

Is  ARTAS IX Hair Restoration Right for You?

As per various reports, people aged under 50 are more likely to opt for hair restoration procedures, including ARTAS iX. In addition, more patients opted for surgical procedures rather than non-surgical- 251,208 were surgical patients, and 672,391 were non-surgical. It’s also been found that male patients usually tend to be slightly younger than female patients. People can opt for hair transplantation at any age as there is no defined time for baldness to occur. Some individuals start balding in their 30s, and some, much later or earlier.

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How Long Does ARTAS IX Treatment Last?

ARTAS iX combines FUE with the latest robotic technology to create a minimally invasive hair restoration treatment that provides the best possible results. The ARTAS™ procedures take around four to eight hours, as determined by the doctors, to reach the desired hair restoration goal.

Your doctor will use ARTAS iX technology to develop a customized hairline. On the day of your treatment, you’ll sit in a comfortable chair connected to the ARTAS iX system. Your hair should be trimmed to 1 mm in length, which enables the machine’s artificial intelligence algorithms to identify healthy hairs to use as grafts.

A high-definition stereoscopic vision system will evaluate, monitor, and track every hair sixty times per second. Digital mapping will provide superior graft dissection. A minimally invasive harvesting process followed by accurately transplanting each follicle in the target area will retain the natural look of your donor area while restoring your hair in your target area. Your doctor will control the entire procedure, ensuring natural and long-lasting results.

The healing time may vary with the nature of care but is typically faster than manual FUE and FUT surgery. Since the method is fast and effective, you can return to your daily activities within two days. Doctors prescribe a follow-up visit the next morning after the procedure to examine your scalp and provide the right directions for taking care of your newly implanted hair follicles.

It takes approximately three days for transplanted hair and growth cells to be transferred from the follicles to the scalp. Patients enjoy a noticeable improvement in approximately six months. They can experience natural-looking, long-lasting hair within nine months.

Treatment Options for ARTAS IX

ARTAS iX is a commonly used hair restoration process, and it’s a great option for those who deal with both hair thinning and loss. It is best for treating people aged over 25 experiencing hair loss. With the ARTAS iX robotic hair transplant system, you can regain hair easily within a minimal timespan.

Treatment options for ARTAS iX can include:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Beard Restoration
  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant

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ARTAS IX, Smart Graft, or Neograft

For the extraction and implantation of individual hair follicles, ARTAS iX robotic process uses artificial intelligence. Smart graft and neo graft devices are used by physicians to manually extract each hair follicle and then implant each hair follicle by hand. The ARTAS iX procedure is faster than the neo graft and the Smart graft process. It offers quicker healing time, and unlike the manual options, ARTAS iX is not performed by humans. Therefore, ARTAS iX can be a better option.

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