Stay Gorgeous in the Sun: Summer Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Jul 25, 2023

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Stay Gorgeous in the Sun: Summer Hair Loss Prevention Tips
Summer pleasure comes with certain health problems. The high summer heat is incredibly damaging to your skin and has a detrimental effect on your hair. The heat from the sun can make your hair dry, brittle, and stiff, leading to hair loss. According to research, hair loss is more prevalent in Summer compared to winter and spring. Therefore, it is essential to protect your hair during the summer season. Continue reading to learn more about the causes of hair loss in Summer and tips to prevent it.

How Does Exposure to the Sun and Heat Affect the Health of Your Hair?

Exposure to the sun and heat can have detrimental effects on the health of your hair. The sun's rays damage the outermost layer of the hair, called the cuticles, leading to a loss of protection for the inner core. The proteins and amino acids in the hair become agitated, weakening the cuticle's ability to shield the hair shaft. As a result, the hair's core becomes vulnerable to harmful radiation, which can cause it to become brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. Prolonged exposure to the sun and heat can also lead to hair loss, as the weakened hair strands are more likely to fall out. To protect your hair from these damaging effects, it is essential to use protective products like leave-in conditioners with UV filters, wear hats or scarves when outdoors, and avoid excessive heat styling to maintain the health and strength of your hair. See Also: Mane Matters: Expert Advice on Dealing with Hair Loss

What Are the Common Causes of Summer Hair Loss?

Listed below are common causes of summer hair loss:

1. The Heat of the Sun

The sun's UV rays significantly damage your hair by reducing its moisture, leaving it lifeless, dry, and discolored. As a result, your hair becomes more brittle and breaks easily, leading to hair loss.

2. Unwanted Dandruff

The hot weather aggravates dandruff in the Summer. Higher temperatures foster the growth of dandruff-causing microorganisms (Malassezia globosa). Dandruff causes itchy, inflamed scalp and, eventually, temporary hair loss.

3. Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are utilized more frequently during the Summer. However, it reduces moisture from your hair roots, drying them out and causing breakage. This breakage further leads to seasonal hair fall.

What Are Some Natural Remedies or Home Treatments That Can Be Used to Prevent Hair Loss in the Summer?

Here are some natural remedies/treatments for preventing hair loss in the Summer:
  • Use aloe vera - Aloe Vera juice helps strengthen hair. Applying aloe vera gel on the hair makes it lustrous and silky. It also prevents the growth of dandruff and other fungal infections on the scalp that causes hair loss.
  • Rinse with green tea- Green tea promotes hair growth and strengthens them. Soak 2-4 green tea bags in boiling water for 5 minutes. When the liquor has cooled, massage it through your hair and scalp. After an hour, remove it by rinsing it with cold water.
  • Avoid hair cosmetics- According to research, heat can cause considerable alterations in colored hair. Therefore, avoid chemical hair treatments throughout this season to reduce hair fall.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that helps moisturize the hair- To remove product buildup and chemicals, use a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo once a week. Follow it up with a deep conditioning treatment that suits your hair type and texture.

Can Wearing Hats or Other Protective Accessories Help Prevent Hair Loss from Sun Exposure?

Wearing hats or other protective accessories can help prevent hair loss from sun exposure. These accessories act as a physical barrier, shielding the hair and scalp from the harmful effects of UV rays. Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to hair damage, including dryness, brittleness, and even hair loss. By wearing a hat or cap, you will create a protective layer that reduces the direct impact of UV radiation on your hair, preserving its health and strength. In addition to protecting your hair against UV rays, hats and caps provide shade, which helps maintain the moisture balance of the hair and scalp. It is particularly beneficial in hot and sunny conditions where excessive dryness can contribute to hair damage. See Also: Effective Ways to Restore Hair Growth for Men

How Does Excessive Sweating Impacts Scalp and Hair?

Excessive sweating can have several negative impacts on the scalp and hair. When you sweat excessively, perspiration can build up on the scalp and clog the hair follicles. It can create an unfavorable environment for hair growth, leading to hair thinning and potential hair loss over time. Blocked hair follicles can also contribute to scalp issues like dandruff and itchiness. Moreover, excessive sweating contains a high concentration of salt, which can dehydrate the hair strands and scalp. This dehydration can result in dry, brittle, and weak hair that are more prone to breakage and shedding. Combining clogged follicles and increased hair dryness due to salt accumulation can exacerbate hair loss and reduce overall health.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Scalp in the Summer

  • Clean excessive oil from your scalp by using a scalp scrub.
  • Use a dry shampoo if your hair roots get oily.
  • Wear a cap to protect your scalp from harmful UV rays.

Care Tips for Individuals with Certain Hair Types to Prevent Loss during the Summer

1. Moisturize Your Hair

Curly hair requires a lot of moisture. Hot and dry weather can sap hair of moisture, leaving it dry, brittle, and lifeless. Therefore, use hydrating products to enhance moisture levels in your hair.

2. Don’t Use Hot Tools

Hot tools like hair blowers or drier increase the temperature. Choose no-heat styling tools, including finger coils, roller sets, or twist-outs that don’t suck the moisture from your hair, making it brittle or dry.

3. Use Gel

Humidity can ruin your hair texture. Adding a medium- to strong-hold gel to the hairs can form a subtle cast over them, keeping them defined and frizz-free, disregarding the weather conditions.

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